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In celebration of No. 19’s five-year anniversary, Canadian duo Art Department – Jonny White and Kenny Glasgow – dish out a free download of a new track: “Heartbreakers Techno”.

The crew over at Dancing Astronaut review the track:

“The track pairs fluid melodies with synthetic dissonance, creating a clash of sounds that compete yet compliment each other throughout the mix. Spastic organ work sits effortlessly on top of a gripping percussive section, one that is teeming with shakers, claves and claps. It’s a strange pairing that results in the creation of a powerfully melancholic atmosphere, further embodying the track’s namesake and the pair’s forward-thinking approach to their art.”

We’re excited to have Art Department, such a revered act, drop in to Public Works tomorrow night!

Tomorrow is going to be epic, to say the least, so make sure to get tickets!

Download “Heartbreakers” HERE!

Just for fun we’re also including … Read more ›
Samiyam has 2 MIDI cables and likes sprinkles on donuts. He makes music that sounds like robots smoking weed at an underground jazz club circa 1997 being filmed in a wide-angle lens by the dude who made those crazy Missy Elliot videos….
Before he throws down for the RESONATE crew tonight at Public Works, Low End Theory’s Samiyam gives Behind Closed Doors a peek into his studio :

Peep game


Catch Samiyam in the loft at Public Works tonight for RESONATE
KiNK, the expert of hardware voted third on Resident Advisor’s list of top live acts, has put together his debut album entitled Under Destruction. Set to release May 5th on Stefan Goldmann and Finn Johannsen’s Macro imprint, the album was recorded from a series of live jam sessions in KiNK’s hometown of Sofia in Bulgaria.

In light of the upcoming release, KiNK has released a 10-minute video that cuts together clips from the album showing the hardware used, tweaking filters and rearranging sequences, during his jam sessions. Altogether, it’s pretty boss. Check it out below.

As of late. New York based DJ Anthony Parasole has not only been causing a stir on his own turf in Brooklyn, but worldwide. Having been raised in the city, his involvement in the scene in the early 2000s helped shape where it is today. Label head for both Deconstruct, which he began with Levon Vincent and his own The Corner, Parasole has kept busy organizing releases and touring across the globe. We’re happy to have him here in the loft tonight, courtesy of Icee Hot.

Check out RA’s Real Scenes New York as well as Anthony’s RA podcast from December of last year.

There’s not much to be said about Martin Buttrich that hasn’t already been written. A master in the dj booth as well as in the studio, Buttrich has entranced dance floors worldwide with an innate ability to sculpt sonic palettes into musical masterpieces. With a sound engineer’s attention to detail and a playful approach to production, Buttrich’s rich imagination shines through his music. While known for dance floor-driven mixes, Buttrich is also at home digging deep into his crates and providing you with a soundtrack for those long commutes, especially rough days at work or rainy days at home …

This mix Buttrich did for Artist A Lifeis a two-hour session that finds Buttrich digging deep in his eclectic music collection and compiling personal favorites of many genres. His Stoned Autopilot selection is a musical journey through Ambient, Dub, Trip Hop, Jazz and House Music.Expect a fine blend of tripped-out grooves, … Read more ›
WanderArt, a new app that allows you to share street art, has taken on an admirable initiative. They’re hoping to fill all six ad spaced on the BART with different artworks by local San Francisco and Bay Area artists, creating mini-moving galleries on the rails.

In celebration of its launch, six pieces of work will be displayed at our Roll Up Gallery this Friday at 6pm — each work chosen around the word ‘escape’. Here we give you some info on a few of the artists who will be featured this weekend.

Radio Free Clear Light
Radio Free Clear Light is a living radio built of human components. Whether through music, poetry, graphic art, video editing or combinations of the above, RFCL seeks to integrate the audience, space and greater world as an extension of self; to include them as another active element within the radio.

The creative work of RFCL is process … Read more ›
Some people just don’t know….so…..Tell em Mister Saturday Night


( These rules also apply for the MISTER SATURDAY NIGHT / DANCE MANIA PARTY at Public Works)


1. First and foremost, enjoy yourself.
2. At the door, keep in mind that the cover is really the cover. Everyone likes a deal, but throwing parties has its costs, and we need your help to make it happen. If you’re supposed to be on the guest list but you’re not, don’t give the doorman a hard time. He’s heard a lot of stories, and though yours might be true, the only thing he has to go on is what’s in front of him. (Truth be told, we don’t often have a guest list anyhow.)
3. Please don’t bring your own drinks into the party. Drinks at the bar are cheap anyway.
4. Be nice to everyone. Obviously. Tip well. Say excuse me if you bump into … Read more ›