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“Idols” Strider Patton Solo Exhibition
This series is made to celebrate and honor those who have shared their skills, experiences, and passions to help make the world a better place. Todays world has a false sense of idolism, with celebrity and stardom status being given to those who only seek to better themselves. Through this work, I have imagined what the world could be like if we idolized those who have and are giving their all for us. What do you think the world would be like if their names were household names instead of those who only care about me? 
Strider Patton
Strider Patton has lived his life in the cross roads of public art and altruism. Combining artistic practice from his dad, and social awareness and compassion from his mom, he has been devoting his work toward how art can change the world. After earning a masters degree in applied … Read more ›

Roll Up Gallery is proud to announce, “From Ibiza to San Francisco” a duo exhibition by the exceptional artists: Aida Miró & Simona Marziani.
Aida Miró was born in Ibiza in 1976. She started painting graffiti in the streets in early 90´s. Studies in University of Valencia BA Fine Arts, Postgraduate in Theater Design in UK, PhD in Art Therapy in Madrid, formation in dance and Circus.
She lives and works between Ibiza and New York.
Her interest in painting and dance performance is in the relationship between mind, body and spirit.
Simona Marziani was born in Milan in 1964.
She attend art study in  IED  Institute European of Design, specializing in Illustration.
Since 1995 she dedicated to her own creative work and oil painting.
In 1997 she moved to Ibiza.
Her art has been exposed in Ibiza, Milan and Zurich.
Opening Friday July 1st, 2016
from 6:00 to 9:00pm
at Roll Up Gallery
161 Erie Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Curator: … Read more ›

Roll Up Gallery is proud to present “THE CHARMING APOCALYPSE”, a solo exhibition by Javi Corellano. 
Javi Corellano is an artist and illustrator  from Barcelona currently residing in  in Santa Rosa, California.
“The Charming Apocalypse”, two antagonistic concepts used as an inspiration to create beautiful, shiny and colorful paintings with dark meaning.
This exhibition is a reflection of the reality we live, an expression of some of the problems that our society is facing these days: climate change, contamination… etc.
Javi uses his charming characters and cartoon backgrounds to explain an ugly reality.
Award winner from Santa Rosa National Arts Program Awards, 2016.
Opening Friday March 25th,
from 6:00 to 9:00pm
at Roll Up Gallery
161 Erie Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Curator: Betty Bigas

Moonage Daydream is an art show tribute to the many faces and phases of David Bowie. It includes work by over 20 Bay Area artists, working in a variety of styles and media. This show seeks to grapple with the life (and recent death) of the legendary recording artist, as well as the sci-fi, pop culture, and radical identity themes present throughout his oeuvre. This show will also feature a special musical performance by Lady Stardust, the California-based (almost) all-female David Bowie cover band.


Justin DeVine

Megan Lynn Kott
Jon Stich
Lindsay McMinn
Steven Russell Black
Chloe Wilson

Jason Furie

Sean Gillespie

Gareth Lloyd

Michael Manomivibul

Forest Stearns

Mary Syring

Jenna Trost

Woodrow White

Grim Wilkins

Shayna Yasuhara

Eugene Randolph Young

Featuring a musical performance by Lady Stardust

More info at:

Opening Friday March 4th, 2016
from 6:00 to 9:00pm
at Roll Up Gallery
161 Erie … Read more ›

A group exhibition of three artists who can capture the surreal worlds in their minds.  Magical labs of brushstrokes, colors and stunning scenarios.
Let your eyes enjoy the fascinating explosion of pure creativity.
Paintings and illustrations by:
Alexis Amann
Sergio Santurio

Talia Steinhardt

Curator: Betty Bigas

Opening Friday January 22nd 2016
from 6:00 to 9:00pm
at Roll Up Gallery
161 Erie Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


My #Selfie, Myself: Disseminating the self-portrait one click at a time.

Group show of emerging bay area artists utilizing themselves as the subject of their work. Through painting, print and photography they will examine the current idea of ‘self’.

This show attempts to connect the introspective view of the artist’s intrinsic self.  Within the social construct of portraiture the gallery will be accompanied with an installation of selfies that viewers are encouraged to participate in. Through image and identity this show is set to explore the connection between the “selfie” within the context of traditional use of self-portraiture.
Eve Lyon
Eric Joyner
Roxy Erickson
Lauren DeLizza
Kelly Keltos
Jennifer Schnell
Curator: Kate Kuaimoku

Flyer: “Selfie”, Screen-print, 29″x 37″, Eric Joyner. 2015.

Opening Friday November 27h 2015
from 6:00 to 9:00pm
at Roll Up Gallery
161 Erie Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


“There’s no sensation to compare with this…” 
Learning To Fly… Soul Flight
Painting and drawing Installation by, artist, Danielle DeRoberts
This series is a collection of self portraits inspired by the artists internal and external journey. Danielle has been painting portraits of others since her career started, and now challenges herself to face the audience and paint herself. She uses flight as a metaphor for soul exploration, breaking patterns and committing to self love, space and awareness.  Taking inspiration from Pink Floyd and their lyrics from the song “ Learning To Fly,” Danielle guides us through her personal challenges by painting literally from the lyrics created, verse by verse. The fear and excitement of flying translates into the impermanence of sensations- both good and bad within our soul journey: “ soul flight”. Staying true to the moment, the artists intention is to inspire awareness by working on the darkness that guides her … Read more ›