Animals are making themselves at home on the walls of Roll Up Gallery.
An eclectic group of contemporary artists will exhibit their artistic interpretations and tap into their own concepts of the spirit animal.
A group show featuring artwork by:

Grant Gilliland

Jon Weiss

Amy Swart

Vannessa Gonzalez

Monika Lea Jones 

Opening Friday October 24th 2014
6:00 to 9:00pm
21 +

curated by: Betty Bigas

Ahead of this Saturday’s Icee Hot event with D’Marc Cantu, New York duo Slow To Speak name his new release on Sequencias as one of the best 12″s this month. Hear what they had to say below, and check D’Marc Cantu out this Saturday right here at Public Works. Click HERE for more information on the event!

“This is the latest release on the Sequencias label out of NYC. D’Marc Cantu has dropped a couple other 12″s on here, but this is by far his and the label’s finest release yet. It sounds completely contemporary, the kind of shit that should be getting made with electronic music NOW. Yeah, he can make some dope jak tracks, but with songs like this he shows his complete grasp of relevant sounds and structure. This is exactly what you imagine should be all over store shelves with the amount of equipment … Read more ›
Ahead of this Friday’s affair with Recondite, Ten Walls and Jon Charnis, Ableton sits down with Recondite, the German techno producer who has been making waves in the scene. With a third album upcoming, this next one on Innervisions, we’re excited to see what he has to offer Friday at Pubic Works.

Get tickets if you haven’t already! There are only a limited number left!
Recondite: Make Your Own Color
In 2011 Recondite emerged from the south of Germany with a poised and elegant brand of techno. Marked by a distinctly animate emotional core, his productions blur organic and synthetic processes into a melange that has reached far beyond the narrow realms of heady, heavy techno. His releases on Dystopian, Absurd Recordings and his own Plangent imprint are marked by an assured melodic instinct and an attention to detail that makes for crisp, intimate and … Read more ›
In four years, the country sees a new leader, a new soccer team is bestowed a cup, the Moon’s shadow crosses the Earth’s surface. In four years, we’ve built Public Works from the ground up – relentlessly bringing the best talent in house, techno, bass, disco and more. On Sept. 20, we’re celebrating 1,460 days of existence with a legend: Danny Tenaglia.

Some DJs are famous for their personalities. Some are known for their production work, while others are known for their ability to read a crowd. And still others occupy a special place in the universe reserved for those that are both revered by their peers and worshipped by their fans. Danny Tenaglia is one of these DJs. Having cut his teeth among the early days of New York and Miami club culture, Tenaglia is known for an almost supernatural style of mixing that encompasses various forms of … Read more ›
Hanna is a Fine Art and Contemporary Portrait and Documentary Photographer who still shoots film.
“The photographs of Hanna Quevedo are completely magnetic.  In equal parts they are intriguing, evocative, emotionally connecting and ultimately thoroughly engaging. Hanna sees the world she inhabits as a keen observer.  Her ability to move through externals to the heart of her subject is strong and direct.  It is through her distinct observations that she uncovers the unusual amidst the ordinary.  Her sensitivity to her surroundings, both physical and personal are evident in the way in which she sees.  Observation and engagement coexist in all of Hanna’s photographs, and all contain compelling visual insights to her subjects.”
Danielle Wohl (Art Advisor)
“Stemming from my desire to blur the edges Between images and to illuminate the layers of a given moment in life, I have superimposed multiple exposures in a single image with this project: thus completing the message, I … Read more ›
This Sunday, at Public Works, some of the biggest figures in the Mezcal world will be  celebrating Mexico’s greatest spirit through tastings, art, music, and a series of exclusive discussions of the hottest topics in the mezcal world. Now, many of you may be familiar with the magical MEzcal drink, but in case you want to be a little more informed when you join us for the  MEZCAL : MEXICO IN A BOTTLE  event this Sunday 9/14 at Public Works SF, our friends over at Tastings have provided a nice little breakdown of Mezcal history…
“…Tequila, and its country cousin Mezcal, are made by distilling the fermented juice of agave plants in Mexico. The agave is a spiky-leafed member of the lily family (it is not a cactus) and is related to the century plant. By Mexican law the agave spirit called Tequila can be made only from one particular … Read more ›
It’s a beautiful day, San Francisco, but not as beautiful as this weekend will be. And the SF Weekly knows the deal. Yep, they gave us TWO shoutouts this week, throwing in Radio Slave and Maayan Nidam this Friday as well as Mr. Scruff Saturday on their list of top parties for the weekend. What’s more, they got a chance to chat with Radio Slave, real name Matthew Edwards ahead of the show. Read what writer Chris Zaldua had to say about both shows, and of course what Matthew Edwards spoke about.

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