This exhibition invites you to contemplate the human face and body,
the exhibition contains a series of portraits paintings of common people, artists and well-known public figures painted by 3 local artists:
Sharon Hennessey
Luis Tinoco
Juan Monroy
Curated by Betty Bigas

The Exhibition opening will be on
Friday May 8th  2015
from 6:00 to 9:00pm
161 Erie Street, San Francisco, CA 94103415 496 6738
*Image flyer: Modern Guy by Sharon Hennessey
Macay lives in a permanent trip around the world, accompanied by her inseparable scissors, brushes and bike. At looking over her works, we overview her visual diary.
Macay creates microcosms populated by hybrid figures in which nature seems to demand its rights. Her works stimulates the passer-by, pointing everyday spaces that have come to disappear from one’s sight. The ultra-modern environment and the timelessness of her work provokes a clash between space and time.
The artworks of this exhibition are collages of landscapes made with photos from de north and south of Chile, where MACA captured lost unexplored places far away from the urban context.
MACA worked with images of flora and wildlife and made them part of a city life, connecting the nature with the concrete walls, gray clouds and the city smog.

MACA created a new beautiful and engaging life scenario using images from our daily lives cut and glue in a completely … Read more ›
‘Dirtybird’s first lady — born Jessica Phillippe — comes from a diverse musical background, and it shows on songs like “Coefficient” and “Say My Name.” Combining house and techno influences drawn from time spent living in Chicago and Berlin, J. Phlip is one of the beloved S.F. label’s most exciting talents.’

We’re stoked to have J. Phlip right here at Public Works this Saturday, alongside Simian Mobile Disco and Roman Flügel, courtesy of the one-and-only As You Like It. Click HERE for tickets!

Click HERE to see who else Billboard chose on their list.
We’re reaching an important time for the Burning Man community. It’s when everyone dives back into the hustle and bustle of Burning Man prep mode. The first ticket sale came and went, and art project Kickstarter campaigns are popping up left and right. In the spirit of the annual Burnal Equinox, this weekend’s celebration of the year’s halfway point, we’re getting you back into Playa mode with this list, courtesy of mybeatFix.

Tickets for the event will be available at the door, this Saturday March 7, beginning at 7pm.

Click HERE for more info on Saturday’s Burnal Equinox.

Sixteen signs you’re still in Playa mode after Burning Man

The days ensuing the Burning Man festival are a harsh snap back to reality. Our merry lives on the Playa have come to a halt, and it’s back to a dust-free, trace-leaving existence. The truth is, the lot of us has yet … Read more ›
Ahead of their show with Rob Garza & PillowTalk this weekend at Public Works, the folks at On&On sat down and had a chat with the PillowTalk boys to talk about long sets and moons of Uranus…
PillowTalk has been traveling and producing together non-stop since 2010. With consistently amazing releases and global demand, it’s clear their momentum isn’t going to let up anytime in the foreseeable future . We caught up with PillowTalk, for On&On’s next installment of Free Your Inhibitions….

At what point in your career as a Artists, did you realize that you were “All In”.

The point in which we realized we could quit our day jobs to just focus on music was when we released on Visionquest Life and Death.  Those are such influential labels to break out of the gate with.

What time of music did you listen to growing up?

We all grew … Read more ›
Nine years of serious dancefloor action, nine years of off-the-charts talent and nine years of hazy memories. Celebrating nine long years, San Francisco and LA event producers Lights Down Low have a long list of things to be proud of.

And we’re in for yet another quality lineup — one more massive than the rest. On February 27, Lights Down Low bring Swiss premier producer Cyril Hahn, Detroit’s finest Kevin Saunderson, Grammy-winner Todd Edwards, English Garage head MJ Cole, Swedish rising talent Jonas Rathsman, and of course LDL’s usual suspects Corey Sizemore, Richie Panic alongside DJ Dials.

The SF Weekly seems to agree that this is up there on the list for best parties this weekend (along with our Saturday shindig with the one-and-only Sasha). Click HERE to check out writer Chris Zaldua’s top picks for parties in San Francisco this weekend.

Click HERE to grab your ticket to … Read more ›
Roll up gallery brings together 3 Women Artists.
Zara Kand

Gillian Keller!neonclassical/ccew

Sandra CIFO

Inspirations from the the forests & greenhouse of the botanical gardens,
the fields transformed into feminine mystique beautiful unique artworks.
The exhibit will feature works in a variety of media: oil painting, collage & photography.
A collective experience of freshness and talent.

Curated by: Betty Bigas

Opening Friday March 13th  2015
6:00 to 9:00pm
at Roll Up Gallery
161 Erie st, SF CA94103